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IMAC Hall Of Fame
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  • Visionary Award
  • Order of the Diamond
  • Bennett Cup
  • Schroder Cup

Year President Vice President Secretary Treasurer
1974 Olie Olson   Jerry Nelson  
1975     Floyd Lawrence  
1977-78 Bill Northrop Norm Cassella Eric Clapp-77, Glenn Carter-78  
1979 Norm Cassella Art Shroeder Glenn Carter  
1980 Gene Pond Art Shroeder Glenn Carter  
1981-82 Gene Pond Art Shroeder Glenn Carter  
1983-84 Gene Pond John Elliot Glenn Carter  
1985-86 John Lockwood Bob Button Glenn Carter  
1987-88 Steve Lock Ernie Kraft Glenn Carter  
1989-90 Bill Eich Ernie Kraft Glenn Carter  
1991 Jim Blacketer Doug Lee Gill Horstman  
1992 Darryl Stebbins      
1994 Kermit Walker   Allan Young  
1996 Rudy Taube Doug Lee    
1997 Doug Cronkhite Doug Lee    
1998 Doug Cronkhite Doug Lee Dave Arndt  
1999-2000 Mark Jorgenson Mike Kuper-99, Tom Wheeler-00 Dave Arndt  
2001-02 Tom Wheeler Dan Wolanski Steve Evans  
2003-04 Tom Wheeler Wally Pitts Steve Evans -03 Phil Vance-04
2005-06 Wally Pitts Fred Johnson Roy Barrow Phil Vance
2007-08 Daniel Rathbun Ken McGuire Bobby Folsom Jr Phil Vance
2009-10 Don Hamilton Rick Byrd Wayne Matthews Phil Vance
2011-12 Wayne Matthews Will Berninger Craig Baker Phil Vance
2013-14 Wayne Matthews Curtis Cozier Phyllis Youngblood Phil Vance
2015-16 Mike Karnes Charles Youngblood Samantha McKinney Phil Vance
2017-18 Mike Karnes Gil Major Samantha McKinney Phil Vance
2019-20 Mike Karnes Doug Pilcher Samantha McKinney Phil Vance
2021-22 Doug Pilcher Alex Dreiling Rick Crow Jim McCall
Wayne Matthews
IMAC Visionary

In 2014, the Order of the Diamond created an award that is unique in that it recognizes an individual whose contributions to the entire world community of IMAC are truly exceptional. The Visionary award is decided by vote of all members of the Order of the Diamond and only when there are truly unparalleled contributions to the sport.

The IMAC Visionary award was awarded to Wayne Matthews in 2014 at the inaugural IMAC World Championships in Muncie, IN. Wayne's passion and drive transformed the dream of a true IMAC World Championship into reality and moved IMAC onto the world stage.


An IMAC member automatically becomes a member of the Order of the Diamond once awarded the IMAC President's Award. IMAC President's Award is IMAC's highest honor and is presented to those individuals whose devotion, service, and commitment to the sport of scale aerobatics is judged exceptional. It is awarded at the sole discretion of the current IMAC President and presented annually at the US Scale Aerobatics National Championship.


Year Recipient State
2005 John Schroder Florida
2006 Anna Woods Arizona
2009 Phil Vance North Carolina
2009 Tom Wheeler Michigan
2009 Mike Stoner California 
2009 Fred Johnson Florida
2009 Roy Barrow North Carolina
2010 Mark Jorgenson/Cheryl Jorgenson Kentucky
2011 Ty Lyman  Virginia
2011 Marian Berninger Ohio
2012 Phyllis/Charles Youngblood  South Carolina 
2012 Bill James Pennsylvania
2013 Tim Attaway California 
2013 Dave Smith Colorado
2014 Mike Karnes Indiana
2016 Steve & Iyone Stanton  Maryland
2017 Doug Pilcher Texas
2018 Ty Lyman Vermont
2019 Adi Kochav Israel
2020 Alex Dreiling Arizona
2021 Rich Whitlow Louisiana
2022 Primo Rivera Georgia

Year Pilot State
2003 Mark Leseberg Nevada
2004 Mark Leseberg Nevada
2005 Anthony Fandino Florida
2006 Stephen Hamilton Florida
2007 Kurt Koelling  Ohio 
2008 Jason Noll Illinois
2009 Riley Kissenberth Vermont
2010 Kurt Koelling Ohio 
2011 Kurt Koelling Ohio 
2012 Kurt Koelling Ohio 
2013 Kurt Koelling Ohio 
2014 Kurt Koelling   Ohio 
2015 Kurt Koelling Ohio 
2016 David Moser Tennessee
2017 David Moser Tennessee
2018 David Moser Tennessee
2019 Kurt Koelling Ohio
2021 David Moser Alabama 
2022 Kurt Koeling  Ohio 
Year Pilot State
2018 Rhett Lambert Texas
2019 William Jackson  Georgia
2021 Nick Amelang Tennessee 
2022 Brian Christensen Oklahoma