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Creston Valley IMAC Competition 05/01/2021 Creston, British Columbia Canada
Higgins Field IMAC - Better Late Than Never 05/22/2021 West Richland, Washington
SCRCMC - Spring IMAC 05/29/2021 Calgary, Alberta Canada
"Big Bob" Memorial IMAC 06/05/2021 Medford, Oregon
Mike Karnes Scale Aerobatics National Championships - 5 Sets Unknowns 06/16/2021 Muncie, Indiana
Weaver's Field IMAC Challenge 2021 06/26/2021 Othello, Washington
Broxburn Field - IMAC 2021 06/26/2021 Lethbridge, Alberta Canada
Redmond IMAC Challenge 07/03/2021 Redmond, Oregon
2021 Valley of Hope IMAC Challenge 07/10/2021 Innisfail, Alberta Canada
Wester Breeze IMAC 07/24/2021 Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada
Posted on:
Well the first Northwest Judging School is in the books. We had a total of 15 dedicated students  attend the two day school where we used the International Judging School presentation. As you can see...

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Posted on:
Please contact your Regional, Michael Verzwyvelt michael@bridgemail.com , if you have not scheduled your event for 2016. I would like to hear from all of you and make sure that you all have made the...

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Posted on:
We all know the drill – go to a contest, pay $35-$40 for landing fees and have a great weekend flying with your IMAC buddies but when it’s at your home field it can sometimes be a bit more daunting....

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6900 Brian Webb 795.03