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Creston Valley IMAC Competition 05/01/2021 Creston, British Columbia Canada
Higgins Field IMAC - Better Late Than Never 05/22/2021 West Richland, Washington
SCRCMC - Spring IMAC 05/29/2021 Calgary, Alberta Canada
"Big Bob" Memorial IMAC 06/05/2021 Medford, Oregon
Mike Karnes Scale Aerobatics National Championships - 5 Sets Unknowns 06/16/2021 Muncie, Indiana
Weaver's Field IMAC Challenge 2021 06/26/2021 Othello, Washington
Broxburn Field - IMAC 2021 06/26/2021 Lethbridge, Alberta Canada
Redmond IMAC Challenge 07/03/2021 Redmond, Oregon
2021 Valley of Hope IMAC Challenge 07/10/2021 Innisfail, Alberta Canada
Wester Breeze IMAC 07/24/2021 Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada
Posted on:
I am looking into this next year with my crystal ball and see the 2016 season to be one full of great events just like this year. As a Contest Director I would like you to register your event here on...

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Posted on:
As sad as I am to say our IMAC season here in the Northwest has come to and end and what a great season it has been. I would like to thank all of the CD’s  and clubs that have hosted the fourteen...

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Posted on:
I would like to first of all thank Roy and his wonderful staff for all of their time and effort they have put into the new web site. As you start looking through the new site you will find many new...

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6900 Brian Webb 795.03