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North Central Judging School 04/27/2019 Muncie, Indiana
Central Indiana IMAC Challenge 05/18/2019 Muncie, Indiana
19th Annual Columbus IMAC Challenge 05/25/2019 Westerville, Ohio
Ontario Judging School 2019 05/25/2019 Chatham, Ontario Canada
Saranac IMAC 06/01/2019 S, Michigan
Flying Cardinals IMAC Challenge 06/08/2019 Hebron, Kentucky
5th Annual Woodstock IMAC contest 06/15/2019 Woodstock, Ontario Canada
2019 Scale Aerobatics National Championships 5 - Sets Unknowns - NC 07/07/2019 Muncie, Indiana
Stetsons IMAC Weekend in Ottawa 07/13/2019 Hwy 417, East of Ottawa to exit 96 (Boundary Road , Ontario Canada
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Courtesy of Kurt Koelling...

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Posted on:
First off, Let me thank each of you who have posted your contests. Contests are just beginning to populate with pilot entries. As of writing this post, here is where the schedule stands: 10 contests...

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Posted on:
By Ron Freeman – NC Assistant Regional Regional Director When I started out in IMAC, I found it difficult to keep track of which rudder correction would keep my plane on its proper flight path...

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Posted on:
Last in a series by Bill Teeter – NC Assistant Regional Director  I will just briefly mention the concept of the “Caller”. When you go to the line to fly in front of the judges you will need someone...

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Third in a series by Bill Teeter – NC Assistant Regional Director   We are here to fly, so how should you approach it? A couple of suggestions. Don’t try to learn the whole sequence all at one...

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Regional Points Standings
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  • Seniors
IMAC # Name Points
7747 Daniel Reichert 971.64
4460 Rick Kroeze 893.95
IMAC # Name Points
2536 Don McLellan 934.65
5005 Ivan Kristensen 842.11
IMAC # Name Points
5005 Ivan Kristensen 967.06
4460 Rick Kroeze 901.25


2018  Perry VanMeter  Greg Hladky  Mike Duggan  Toby Silhavy  Kurt Koelling  Ray Morton
2017 Greg Hladky Daniel Reichert Matt Komar Toby Silhavy Kurt Koelling Ray Morton
2016 Guy McIntire Jr. Jeff Strauss Nick McKinney Mike Karnes Kurt Koelling Ray Morton
2015 Steven Ruxton Jeff Maruschek Bill Teeter Mike Karnes Kurt Koelling Ray Morton
2014 Robert Willis Ron Graham Ron Freeman Ray Morton Kurt Koelling Michael Roxberry
2013 Ariel Peters Jack Ron Graham Chuck Edwards Mike Karnes Kurt Koelling Jerry Ream
2012 Adam Falk Gary Pierson Ron Freeman Mike Karnes Kurt Koelling Jerry Ream
2011 Ray Strickland Geoffrey Donati Mike Karnes Lou Matustik Kurt Koelling Jerry Ream
2010 Jerry Ream Jeff Wessel Bryan Mailloux Ryan Clark Brian Sanik Ron Freeman
2009 Jeff Wessel Ben Batts Ryan Clark Mike Milos Kurt Koelling Joe Utasi
2008 Ron Freeman Chris Sydor Rick Kroeze Joe Utasi Wayne Geffon N/A
2007 Terry Driver Rick Kroeze Seth Arnold Larry Arseneau Wayne Geffon N/A
2006 N/A Bob Condra Brent Billman Larry Arseneau Wayne Geffon N/A
2005 N/A Lou Matustik Frank Morrissey Larry Arseneau Wayne Geffon N/A
2004 N/A Frank Morrisey Joe Utasi Jim Gatewood Kurt Koelling N/A
2003 N/A Joe Utasi Marty Hammersmith Jim Gatewood Kurt Koelling N/A
2002 N/A Marty Hammersmith John Boyko Kurt Koelling Mike Rigsby N/A
2001 Marty Hammersmith Kurt Koelling N/A Jim Gatewood Bob Mairs N/A
2000 Gene Payson Sam Monteleone N/A Jim Gatewood Marc Moldowan N/A
1999 Justin Myers Joe Murray N/A Marc Moldowan Rick Schubert N/A
1998 Brad Jorgenson Jim Gatewood N/A Rick Schubert Dave Pinegar N/A
1997 Rick Schubert Chad Ellison N/A Dave Pinegar Dave Genovese N/A