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Non Flying Event
Date Location
2020 Maine IMAC Challenge 07/18/2020 New Gloucester, ME, Maine
Plum island IMAC contest 07/31/2020 Newbury, Massachusetts
ESAC Ace Ortley IMAC Challenge 08/15/2020 Vienna, MD, Maryland
Granite State Fall IMAC 09/11/2020 Concord, New Hampshire
Lums Pond IMAC Challenge 2020 09/12/2020 Bear, Delaware
Northeast Regional Finals 10/03/2020 Hagerstown, Maryland
Posted on:
I wanted to give the Northeast Region a brief update our schedule. I have NOT cancelled any scheduled event, nor do I plan to direct any events be cancelled. I am, however, asking event coordinators...

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Posted on:
Here is the daft planning schedule for the 2018 Season in the Northeast.  I’m still waiting to hear from CDs to request contests.  Also, be aware that Bill Bouchard has mentioned trying to find a...

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Posted on:
With Lums Pond in the books, and no further Northeast competitions for next weekend below are the pilots that are eligible to compete for the Northeast spot on the 2018 Worlds Team.  Pilots can still...

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Event Results
Event Date Location
ESAC Jack Stoval IMAC Challenge 06/20/2020 Vienna, MD, Maryland
Concord Skyhawks IMAC Contest 06/05/2020 Concord , New Hampshire
Regional Points Standings
  • Basic
  • Sportsman
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Unlimited
  • Seniors
IMAC # Name Points
7370 Fred Carrado Jr. 1000.00
8129 Steve Bourassa 971.56
IMAC # Name Points
7993 Steve Pennypacker 1908.62
7958 Thomas Gaudette 1000.00
7970 Steve Bakke 947.47
6585 Ron Grimm 478.40
IMAC # Name Points
7783 Steven Brentson 2000.00
7118 Daren Hudson 866.67
IMAC # Name Points
7308 skip messick 1970.43
7550 Dave Dupre 1929.75
6808 Kirk Adams 854.45
6304 Bradley Davy 841.86
7557 Durell Leister 763.22
IMAC # Name Points
7558 Philip Leister 1000.00
6571 Tyler McCormack 1000.00
5306 Jim Cyr 586.88
IMAC # Name Points
7308 skip messick 2000.00
6304 Bradley Davy 845.60
6585 Ron Grimm 494.03