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Non Flying Event
Date Location
***Cancelled*** 2020 Scale Aerobatics National Championships – 5 Sets of Unknowns 07/12/2020 Muncie, Indiana
***Cancelled*** 2020 Bayou Bash IMAC 07/25/2020 Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Air Capital Imac 08/08/2020 Newton KS, Kansas
WIng Over Abilene IMAC Challenge 08/22/2020 Abilene, Texas
1st Annual Bill Thomas Memorial IMAC Challenge 09/12/2020 Copan, Oklahoma
***Rescheduled*** HCRCC SPRING SHOWDOWN 09/19/2020 Newton (67114), Kansas
**Rescheduled** - 1st Annual South Central Kansas Aerobatic Challenge 10/17/2020 Cedar Vale, Kansas
24th Annual Texoma IMAC Challenge 10/24/2020 Sherman, Texas
Posted on:
Ok pilots! We now as Regional Instructors have done our part. NJS was a success and we had 5 new Instructors added to our reach and pool of SC. I want to thank Shane Snyder, Rich Whitlow, Cam...

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Posted on:
      First I would like to take this moment to Wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy Safe and ProsperousNew Year! May Santa be good to you all with some Airplane Goodies under the tree! And...

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Posted on:
Well everyone, 2016 has absolutely flown (pardon the pun) by, and the RPS finale is here! Kansas State IMAC Championship is 10/08/16 and 10/09/16 and looks like we will finish with some very tight...

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Event Results
Event Date Location
4th Annual NATS Warm-up for IMAC 06/26/2020 Salina, Kansas
Gluedobbers IMAC Challenge 06/06/2020 Broken Arrow Oklahoma, Oklahoma
Regional Points Standings
  • Basic
  • Sportsman
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Unlimited
  • Seniors
IMAC # Name Points
8219 Kent Shockley 1314.92
7833 James Barfield 984.03
6248 Jason Watts 979.75
8224 Brian Christensen 950.38
8051 Wilton Stewart 834.05
7929 Amanda Coke 795.05
IMAC # Name Points
8058 Chris Shockley 2000.00
8150 Jonathan Chippeaux 1920.65
8148 Marc Lorenz 890.65
7898 Larry Kayich 616.16
IMAC # Name Points
8006 Nick Scharping 2000.00
7443 Mark Thurman 1626.86
7781 Allen Delger 1485.38
6260 Rich Whitlow 986.48
4325 Vicente "Vince" Bortone 947.65
7626 Glenn Harper 876.13
7855 Tim Hughes 754.75
IMAC # Name Points
7832 Rhett Lambert 2000.00
3324 Dan Powell 1559.01
2553 Rudy Voldrich 1384.78
6948 Greg Dial 969.90
7350 David Herron 863.28
4868 Jeffrey Dye 826.90
IMAC # Name Points
7443 Mark Thurman 1685.91
7781 Allen Delger 1505.00
2553 Rudy Voldrich 1399.50
4325 Vicente "Vince" Bortone 1000.00
7626 Glenn Harper 883.44
4868 Jeffrey Dye 799.46
7898 Larry Kayich 622.59


2019  Brent Bernard Tim Hughes Dan Powell Greg Dial Hank Cooper Allen Delger
2018 Tim Hughes Darin Schmidt Dan Powell Hank Cooper Shane Snyder Hank Cooper
2017 Darin Schmidt Danny Powell David Herron Cambize Shahrdar Rick Byrd Hank Cooper
2016 Charles Cooke Robert Brinker Greg Dial Hank Cooper Lyndel Roe Hank Cooper
2015 Brian Hendricks David Herron Greg Dial NA NA
2014 David Herron Greg Dial Danny Murphy NA NA
2013 Phillip Knight Todd Wilson Murry Adams Corey Ford Rick Byrd
2012 Greg Dial Danny Murphy Tom Burndrett Corey Ford Allen Smith
2011 Danny Murphy Tom Burndrett Vince Thompson Phil Oubre Ryan Gonsoulin
2010 Robert Brinker Jerry Stuckey Garrett Westinburg Allan Smith Ryan Gonsoulin
2009 Vince Thompson Scott Pool Phil Oubre Dean Nistetter Ryan Gonsoulin
2008 Garret Westinburg Chuck Hochaleter Dean Nistetter Allan Smith Ryan Gonsoulin
2007 Gary Manuel Dean Nistetter Rudy Voldrich Ryan Gonsoulin Rick Byrd
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