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Date Location
2020 SOUTH EAST CHAMPIONSHIP 11/06/2020 Coolidge , Georgia
Posted on:
  We are off to a fantastic start in the SE, Up next on the Schedule, two judging Schools, score training followed by our annual Spring Ocala contest.  A total of 13 contests are on the Schedule, I’d...

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Posted on:
To all the South East IMAC members, I want to wish you a prosperous new 2019, as some of you may or may not know I will be your new RD for the upcoming two years and I am looking forward to serve you...

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Posted on:
The heat of summer is here with everything that goes along with it.  Family trips, getting that little bit more practice in for the upcoming contest and perhaps getting rid of that bubble that showed...

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Event Results
Event Date Location
SMFC IMAC Challenge 06/27/2020 Tabor City, North Carolina
AMPS IMAC CHALLENGE 02/22/2020 Miami , Florida
Regional Points Standings
  • Basic
  • Sportsman
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Unlimited
  • Seniors
IMAC # Name Points
8200 David Garceau 776.48
IMAC # Name Points
7942 Ron Czikowsky 894.36
7634 Mike Kelley 886.37
8145 Gavin Woodruff 727.71
IMAC # Name Points
7101 Carlos Anaya 1000.00
7715 Thomas Burroughs 1000.00
7110 Nikolei Zinsli 998.97
5832 Doug Bracey 558.84
IMAC # Name Points
7499 Michael Medlin 1000.00
5477 Luiz Bosch 980.04
8074 Pablo Cano 931.58
IMAC # Name Points
7712 Primo Rivera 1000.00
5035 Alvaro Yanguas 927.12
4817 Jim Baker 846.96
IMAC # Name Points
7634 Mike Kelley 1000.00
7942 Ron Czikowsky 960.81
5832 Doug Bracey 641.96