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Ocala Flying Model Club Spring 2021 IMAC Contest 03/13/2021 Ocala, Florida
Miami Imac 04/09/2021 Miami, Florida
Mocksville Spring Classic 04/10/2021 Mocksville, North Carolina
First Coast IMAC Competition 04/23/2021 Jacksonville, Florida
SMFC SE vs NE REGION SHOOTOUT 05/28/2021 Tabor City, North Carolina
24th Annual Spring Classic 06/05/2021 Land O Lakes, 34637, Florida
Mocksville Fall Classic 10/08/2021 Mocksville, North Carolina
Posted on:
As you may have noticed (or not) I didn’t post anything in the month of March.  My wife and I took the month off and made a road trip from Greensboro to Seattle by way of the Grand Canyon.  I have to...

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Posted on:
  Here’s a recent photo from my yard.  As you can tell there’s not much flying going on here.  The Virginia folks may not be flying for a while.  Others in South Florida are mowing the runway.       ...

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Posted on:
Hope everyone had a great holiday season !  Here we are just barely into 2016 and it’s time to start thinking about the new season, working the kinks out of our sequences and getting ready to...

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