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Offline Bobby Folsom  
#16 Posted : Wednesday, March 14, 2018 5:05:00 PM(UTC)
Bobby Folsom

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Originally Posted by: Mike Karnes Go to Quoted Post
Most important tip is; don't forget to breathe

Or Blink!!
Offline Joe Layne  
#17 Posted : Wednesday, March 14, 2018 7:25:35 PM(UTC)
Joe Layne

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Originally Posted by: rclad Go to Quoted Post

What I would like to understand is what skill the Unknown is testing vs. a typical Known sequence. What makes the two so different? Why is an Unknown, especially one with an easier combination of figures or maneuvers than a typical Known, so much harder to fly?

The closest analogy I can think of that describes the difference between flying a Known and Unknown - and hopefully someone with more experience can correct me - is the difference between a pianist who can play a piece well after much practice - developing muscle memory for each note - versus the pianist who can read music and play the same piece well on the first try.

Greg you will do very well this year. The unknown favors the best pilot over the pilot that has the most practice. It is not as difficult as the known but harder to fly well because you have never practiced it. I was worried when I flew the first one last year, and didn't fly it very well for that reason. By the end of the year I learned to relax and they were much better. Just make sure your call sheet has the info "NOTES" that is needed to get you through it, make sure your caller knows what you need to hear "or not hear" and relax. The stick plane practice with your caller is the key. Always remember, once a maneuver is complete (good or bad) move on to the next maneuver. Never think about what you just did wrong, fly the next maneuver.

Hear is my Unknown scores for the first and last contest I attended last year. Learn to RELAX
Unknown 1 5-22-17
1: (k=25) 4.0
2: (k=15) 0.0
3: (k=15) 3.0
4: (k=36) 2.0
5: (k=14) 7.0
6: (k=27) 0.0 [br]
7: (k=26) 4.0
8: (k=30) 0.0
9: (k=14) 5.0
10: (k=13) 5.0
11: (k=6) 10.0
12: (k=6) 5.0
Simple Sum: 45
K-Factored Sum: 624

Unknown 2 8-28-17
1: figure q (k=21) 8.5
2: 1/2 cuban (k=24) 9.0
3: hammer (k=25) 8.0
4: turn (k=6) 9.5
5: upline (k=22) 9.5
6: roll (k=12) 9.0
7: 45 line (k=16) 8.5
8: upline (k=22) 7.5
9: spin (k=13) 7.0
10: half octagon (k=10) 9.0
11: sound (k=6) 8.0
12: asc (k=6) 9.0
Simple Sum: 102.5
K-Factored Sum: 1,552.5

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rclad on 3/14/2018(UTC)
Offline rclad  
#18 Posted : Wednesday, March 14, 2018 8:58:22 PM(UTC)

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Awesome scores on that last Unknown, Joe! After the stick plane practice, I'm going to read a comic book before my Unknowns. BigGrin
Greg Hladky
Flying on a wing and a purpose...
and physics, power, practice, preparation, plans...
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Offline Allen Delger  
#19 Posted : Friday, March 16, 2018 2:03:41 PM(UTC)
Allen Delger

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Thanks everyone for the excellent replies. It looks like a good first time approach would be :
1. Put some quality time in practicing reading and flying some of the available unknows before the first event.
2. Work through the first real unknown in a group to confirm we are reading it right, and take advantage of others perspective on it. .
3. Mark up the Aresti with what you want your caller to call.
4. Go over the Aresti with your caller and a stick plane.
5. Practice with a stick plane that evening and the next morning to get it pretty much memorized.
6. Relax and have fun when the real unknown time comes.
If that doesn't work, then I think we'll have to go back and adopt some of the other tips.

Thanks again, I hope I heard right what you all offered, and were looking forward to the first real test.

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rclad on 3/16/2018(UTC)
Offline Orthobird  
#20 Posted : Saturday, April 7, 2018 12:44:54 PM(UTC)

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Just to add to what everyone else has stated, once I know the directionals, then I will get my iPhone, and use the voice app. I will then record myself calling it. Then, I can sit and play it back while I use the stick plane. Doing this multiple times, you will memorize the sequence. Unfortunately, what you hear from your voice recording is never the way someone will call it for you during the actual unknown flight. Unless the caller is really good. Not so much a problem for Sportsman though. Good luck!
Wish I could fly everyday!
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Vicente Bortone on 4/8/2018(UTC)
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