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Offline Nikolei Zinsli  
#1 Posted : Thursday, August 8, 2019 1:50:08 PM(UTC)
Nikolei Zinsli

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At the 'Last Minute IMAC' last month, Primo changed the format a bit and introduced (or at least, it was new to me), judges comments. After each pilot landed, he could turn around and get specific comments from the judges as to what they saw and what they could do better next round.
This was a HUGE plus in my books. In the years I've been in IMAC, never have I been able to get instant feedback that I could use in the very next flight. Sure, you could always ask your judges after they were done with your class...but their memories are usually cloudy by then and mixed with the other pilots they watched, as well as your own memory of what and how you flew that round. Plus they might be rushed to get their own gear ready for their round, and you hate to distract them from that.
You can practice as much as you like, but if you don't have the benefit of an upper-classman to watch your practices, you won't know for sure if you're always losing points because of this or that. I fully understand that time is limited, especially with larger contests...but an additional 30 seconds per pilot wouldn't kill us and would give measurable benefits to those pilots! Maybe pilots can mark their clothespin if they want insta-feedback, or maybe we only do it on the first day or round. IMO, it should be done the first day for all in Novice/Basic/Sportsman, as that's where the time & mentorship can really truly benefit the pilot, their flying and their attitude towards IMAC.
I've always heard "IMAC will make you a better pilot"...are we doing all we can to make that true? Let's make IMAC a true place to LEARN HOW TO FLY, and make the competition a fun side-effect of it!
I welcome your thoughts!
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Earle Andrews on 8/8/2019(UTC), Adi Kochav on 8/9/2019(UTC), Daren Hudson on 8/9/2019(UTC), steve pennypacker on 10/2/2019(UTC)
Offline Steve Sides  
#2 Posted : Thursday, August 8, 2019 2:52:44 PM(UTC)
Steve Sides

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Excellent comments Nikolei ! Sometimes we forget that aspect of IMAC I think. I plan on doing exactly as you suggested at my contests to help the pilots out as much as possible. It's very true that you only get better if you practice the right things and knowing what the right things are is the best place to start. In addition, someone who is watching you flying in detail can (and will) spot things that as a pilot you may not even be aware of. Like is that line really vertical ? Is that rolling element really centered. Sometimes in my own flying I convince myself that what I flew is a bit better than an objective observer might see,
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Earle Andrews on 8/8/2019(UTC)
Offline Nikolei Zinsli  
#3 Posted : Thursday, August 8, 2019 3:14:48 PM(UTC)
Nikolei Zinsli

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Exactly. At the Last Minute, I was told my roll elements were usually late in centering, and sometimes my line before the stall was going up...things I wouldn't know by seeing a "6" later in the week after scores are posted. WHY did I get a 6?! I can only guess and try to recall that flight from my memory. The scores tell me what maneuvers I might need to focus on in practice sessions, but knowing EXACTLY WHAT part of that maneuver you're losing the most points on is invaluable.
Offline Primo Rivera  
#4 Posted : Thursday, August 8, 2019 8:13:12 PM(UTC)
Primo Rivera

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Thank You Nikolei,

I think we need to slow things down in some contests and help the lower classes as much as possible. It was well received at the contest, I even had Jerry come to me and give me some great criticism, my 45 lines were just a little shallow so last Sunday I went out and worked on that, Just cause I'm in unlimited does not mean I fly perfect, LOL!

I will contact the CD's for the rest of the season and encourage them to do so. It really does not add that much more time, after all we are there to fly and learn and sometimes take some firewood home with us.

Seee YALL Soon

Offline Daren Hudson  
#5 Posted : Friday, August 9, 2019 8:56:27 PM(UTC)
Daren Hudson

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Excellent discussion guys. It’s been my experience in the Northeast that most judges, including myself when in the seat, try to comment to the pilot when something obvious and easily fixed is observed or judged. Conveying this to a caller to tell the pilot as they land and get their plane clear and shutdown is an easy way to get the message across.

Perhaps we could urge judges to make it technique to offer feedback or notes when scores are below 7 or 6 or when something obvious is noticed? Zeroes should always get an explanation if not obvious to the pilot (blowing out of a maneuver or a break), especially to Basic and Sportsman Pilots. Didn’t stall, snap, deadline, etc.

Anything to promote more mentoring within our community is good.

Reaching out to Outreach!
“Fly good, don’t suck!”

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