World Standings

The ability to compare flying skills is the core of IMAC competition. For years, IMAC pilots have looked for a way to compare their performance against their peers across regional and international boundaries.

In the latest version, IMAC incorporated a "percentage of perfect" to the Score 4.25.1 program that shows how pilots performed relative to the total possible points available for a sequence. With that addition also came the ability to compare pilot to pilot performance across large geographic regions (in this case, the entire world). The latest SCORE version automatically calculates the PP for each pilot and the IMAC web scoring system has been updated to allow all IMAC members to compare their scores/skills to every other IMAC member in the world. The system allows filtering to display results by class or IMAC region.

Although there are many variables unaccounted for in this method, IMAC is providing each pilot with the AVERAGE of ALL their scores through the season for KNOWN sequences only. This method does not include UNKNOWNS at this time, and uses ALL scored KNOWN sequences. The reasoning is, Knowns follow a common drop schedule allowing the pilot to drop low rounds particularly in the case of mechanical difficulty, etc. Unknowns are still vital to contest results but normally cannot be dropped and may vary from event to event, The best comparison basis is by restricting the formula to only consider KNOWNS. So for now it will NOT be an ALL INCLUSIVE ranking system.

Regional points are NOT affected by PP Data. The IRPS continues to be the IMAC standard to compare the ranking of pilots within the 6 U.S. Regions. IMAC hopes to refine this system in the future, but for now, have fun!

IMAC # Name Country   Region   Class   PP Avg
7855 Hughes, Tim United States SC Sportsman 86.836
6307 Mack, Bryant United States SW Unlimited 84.907
8058 Shockley, Chris United States SC Basic 82.647
6844 Reifsnyder, Fiddykal United States SE Unlimited 82.515
8057 Castellanos, Eduardo United States SE Basic 82.445
8074 Cano, Pablo SE Basic 82.358
7665 Bruce, Cayden United States SW Advanced 82.088
6386 Mack, Ernie United States SW Intermediate 81.547
7951 Marquart, Brian United States SW Intermediate 79.803
2536 McLellan, Don Canada NC Unlimited 79.081
7844 Kranz, Ed United States SC Sportsman 78.677
7277 Grabow, John United States SW Intermediate 78.448
7087 Bohardt, Paul United States SW Intermediate 78.345
810 Hargrove, David United States SW Intermediate 77.969
8005 Sullins, Ian United States SW Basic 77.862
5487 Wegner, Randy United States SW Intermediate 77.529
6571 McCormack, Tyler United States NE Unlimited 77.508
3382 MacGregor, Joe United States SW Intermediate 77.466
7923 Nipkow, Mel Switzerland IN Intermediate 77.307
7781 Delger, Allen United States SC Sportsman 77.289
4970 Kelley, Frank United States SW Intermediate 77.188
5343 Fried, Rusty United States SW Intermediate 76.570
7666 Bruce, David United States SW Intermediate 76.531
7272 Dreiling, Alex United States SW Unlimited 76.459
5612 Evans, Bill United States SW Intermediate 76.238
7270 Telles, Jacques United States SW Intermediate 75.711
4263 Hooper, Brad United States SW Unlimited 75.657
7888 Clark, Steve United States SW Sportsman 75.481
753 Spurlock, Jim United States SW Intermediate 75.449
7388 Mccall, Jim United States SW Advanced 75.399
7473 Silva, Carlos United States SE Unlimited 75.352
7852 Kavak , Devin United States SE Sportsman 75.347
7379 Marcellin, Michael United States SW Advanced 75.162
7683 May, Jesse United States SW Sportsman 74.616
3324 Powell, Dan United States SC Intermediate 74.516
3009 Morgan, Darrell United States SW Advanced 74.132
7829 Bernard, Brent United States SC Basic 73.994
7453 Hooper, Ed United States SW Sportsman 73.733
8076 Allen, Jimmy United States SC Basic 73.580
7646 Rideout , Craig United States SC Intermediate 73.365
5073 KUHN, DARREN United States SW Unlimited 72.796
8005 Sullins, Ian United States SW Sportsman 72.660
2553 Voldrich, Rudy United States SC Intermediate 72.626
7747 Reichert, Daniel Canada NC Advanced 72.561
7430 Jaffe, A.J. United States SW Advanced 72.299
2731 Lemire, Yves Canada NE Advanced 72.296
5885 Bonachea, Carlos United States SE Advanced 72.227
7504 Radford, Donald United States SW Basic 72.128
3555 Ryan, Joe United States SE Unlimited 72.042
7710 Rathbun, Garrett United States SC Intermediate 71.841
5462 Felkins, Richard United States SW Basic 71.587
7440 Daniel, Bill United States SE Sportsman 71.488
7101 Anaya, Carlos United States SE Intermediate 71.399
4888 Brod, George United States SE Intermediate 71.270
7565 Escobar, Leonardo Uruguay IN Unlimited 71.142
4772 Ortmayer, Dave United States SE Intermediate 70.968
7942 Czikowsky, Ron United States SE Basic 70.175
7493 Mason, Gene United States SW Sportsman 70.110
6646 Hoke, Greg United States SE Unlimited 69.865
5035 Yanguas, Alvaro United States SE Unlimited 69.604
3389 Paez, Carlos United States SE Intermediate 69.351
5725 Muraki, Yasunobu United States SE Intermediate 69.159
5005 Kristensen, Ivan Canada NC Unlimited 68.982
7623 Maguire, Jim United States SW Sportsman 68.601
7935 Bowen, Brent United States SE Sportsman 68.253
7769 Beasley, David United States SE Basic 68.157
6176 Wolfe, John United States SE Advanced 67.844
4460 Kroeze, Rick Canada NC Advanced 67.805
5679 Hearn, Wesley United States SE Sportsman 67.407
7089 Heninger, Phil Canada NW Intermediate 67.269
3588 fandino, Anthony United States SE Advanced 67.235
7873 Nipkow, Daniel Switzerland IN Intermediate 66.907
6859 Triebe, Mike United States SW Sportsman 65.432
5477 Bosch, Luiz United States SE Advanced 65.167
7825 Slezak, Rick United States SE Basic 64.642
5824 McIntyre, Mike United States SW Basic 64.391
6727 Meadows, Billy United States SE Advanced 64.083
7712 Rivera, Primo United States SE Unlimited 62.059
7689 Aragon, Claude United States SW Sportsman 61.996
7621 Lega, Armando United States SE Unlimited 60.849
7233 Lubbers, Gary United States SW Sportsman 60.816
4728 Baggerly DO, Gregory United States SE Intermediate 60.484
5732 Gentry, Don United States SE Advanced 58.080
8070 Lowe, Bruce United States SE Basic 56.636
7755 Unruh, Jerry United States SW Sportsman 55.408
8069 Recio, Orlando United States SW Basic 55.124
3423 Dionne, Denis Canada NE Unlimited 54.601
5966 Foster, Randy United States SE Intermediate 53.534
7837 Shorr, Jim United States SE Basic 50.846
8071 sherman, christopher United States SE Basic 50.694
5832 Bracey, Doug United States SE Intermediate 49.188
8075 Rathbun, Parker United States SC Unlimited 39.593
L3291 Rathbun, Daniel United States SC Unlimited 34.948
7992 Reynolds, Steven United States SW Basic 15.703
7929 Coke, Amanda United States SC Basic 11.278