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2018 Worlds News

Day 3 Recap

Posted by Doug Pilcher
Posted on 9/13/2018

Friday started out a little damp. Because of the concern of accurately discerning when to fly and when to stay on the ground, the Executive Council called to pull out all stops and bring in the best Weather Predicting Technology. So, the Weather Rock was once again pressed into service.

For much of the day the rock stayed wet. Actually, the rock stayed wet all day!

So, President Karnes called on the brave and fearless among the Freestyle Pilots and gave them the mission to fly, compete and entertain the crowd. These brave pilots did just that. They flew in the rain, sometimes heavy and created entertaining routines in the roughest of conditions.

The crowd did not miss the opportunity to cheer and show the pilots their appreciation for braving the elements and putting on the show!

After the Freestyle was complete, the flying was called for the day.

Waiting for some better weather tomorrow!


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