SA Nationals 2022

Contest Results - Final Results

As of 1-Jul-2022 19:31

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Final scores in Freestyle ranged from a low of 626.7 to a high of 2,000.0 (a range of 1,373.3)

Rank Pilot Final Score Freestyle
Round 1 Round 2
1Ben Batts
AMA#1; IMAC#5324
2,000.0 1,000.0 1,000.0
2Brian Christensen
AMA#3; IMAC#8224
1,700.5 843.3 857.1
3Nick Scharping
AMA#1064156; IMAC#8006
857.1 857.1 0.0
4Primo Rivera
AMA#543651; IMAC#7712
626.7 626.7 0.0

Note: Flights without a scale pilot and panel installed are assessed a penalty.
In this report, no pilots were assessed the missing pilot/panel penalty.

Report Parameters: Divisions=Sportsman,Intermediate,Advanced,Unlimited; Knowns=No; Unknowns=No; Freestyle=Yes; Rounds=1-20

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