Hello North Central!!!!  The following schedule is being submitted to you for planning out vacation/time off. We will be changing this over to our official schedule once it is up and running (which should be any day). CD's please get your fliers done and I will put them up initially in our North Central section of the IMAC website then transition them into our schedule system once completed. Let's make this a great year and our nats will be a Thursday through Monday competition which should be great for a lot of people's schedule.  

2023 North Central Calendar of Events - Final Draft
The final draft of the 2023 North Central IMAC region calendar of events is listed below. This draft is NOT the final event calendar. This document is being shared to offer as much information to our Contest Directors and Directors as possible to make the best decisions for our region this year. The calendar was built with adjusted dates from the 2022 season, updated events from the AMA as well as requests from new and existing CD's to fill holes in our current schedule that worked with their host clubs availability.
Some notable changes on this years calendar include:
● AMA Scale Aerobatic NATS has moved to late July from late June
● MK Challenge has moved from late May to late August
● Jackson, MI contest requested a move away from late July due to the Oshkosh
● We have new potential contests listed on the schedule (possibly more to come)
○ New contest in southwestern Illinois - Kris Akers CD
○ New contest in Mid-eastern Michigan - Dennis Legowsky CD
○ New contest in Eastern Ontario near Ottawa - Brendan Grace CD
○ New contest in Urbana, OH - Eddie Noble CD
○ 2nd contest in Temperance, MI - Matt Komar/James Hugg CD
○ Primer event near Cincinnati - Dave Pierce CD
With such a full schedule, we face a challenge of making each event as successful as possible by allowing our members the best possible chance of attending throughout the season. This includes being mindful of back to back weekends where contests are within close proximity or stacking events on the same day. Please review the events and dates listed below and reply back with any input you may have including a general approval, suggested adjustments or request for change. This will be the last opportunity as a group to coordinate any possible changes together so I will pass on any comments as they are made.
Thank you!
Matt Komar - North Central ARD

2023 North Central Calendar of Events - Final Draft
● January 28th & 29th - IMAC International Judging School
● March 4th - Introduction to IMAC (online)
● March 18th - Basic Judging School (online)
● April 1st - Contest Director Training (online)
● May 6th & 7th - Official Judging School (Muncie, IN)
● May 13th - Hamilton, OH (HAWKS primer - Dave Pierce)
● May 20th & 21st - Open
● May 27th & 28th - Columbus, OH (CD - Lou Matustik)
● June
● June ○ ○
● June
● June
3rd & 4th - Illinois (CD - Kris Akers) 10th & 11th
New Haven, MI (CD - Dennis Legowski)
Ottawa, ONT (Arnprior Club CD - Brendan Grace)
17th & 18th - Jackson, MI (CD - John Morrow)
24rd & 25th - Sault Ste Marie, ONT (CD - Nico McIntosh/Brendan Grace)
● July 1st & 2nd - Open
● July 8th & 9th - Open
● July 15th & 16th - Saranac, MI (CD - Dave Wolters)
● July 22nd & 23rd - Temperance, MI (CD - Matt Komar/James Hugg)
● July 28th thru July 31st - Muncie, IN (NATS)
● July 29th & 30th - Sudbury, ONT (CD - Brendan Grace)
● August 5th & 6th - Open
● August 12th and 13th
○ Cincinnati, OH (CD - Will Berninger)
○ Ottawa, ONT (CD - Gary Robertson)
● August 19th & 20th - Muncie, IN (CD - Toby Silhavy)
● August 26th & 27th - Woodstock, ONT (CD - Bill Teeter)
● September 2nd & 3rd - Open
● September 9th & 10th - Centerburgh, OH (CD - Rick Tressler)
● September 16th & 17th - Columbus, IN (CD - Rob Weismiller)
● September 23rd & 24th - Open
● September 30th & October 1st - Temperance, MI (CD - Matt Komar/James Hugg)



Toby Silhavy