Why Join IMAC?

 The International Miniature Aerobatic Club (IMAC) is an organization dedicated to sport of radio controlled Scale Aerobatic competition.  IMAC operates under the auspices of the USA’s Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) with a designation as the Special Interest Group (SIG) for R/C Scale Aerobatics.  While it’s origin is American, the scope of IMAC operations now extends to over 15 countries throughout the world and continues to grow daily.

So why should I join IMAC? 

IMAC members are people just like yourself that love to fly scale aerobatic planes.  Like any worthwhile endeavor it takes focus, energy and passion to succeed in this sport.  As a pilot, you spend hours learning sequences, tuning your plane, or learning how to do the “perfect” spin entry.  You pack up and head out to a contest all ready to compete head to head with your fellow pilots.  It’s great so far but think about it….what is going on behind the scenes? 

    • Who organizes this stuff? 
    • Who sets the standards so that all events operate on the same level playing field? 
    • Who helps write and maintain the rules that we all fly by? 
    • Who develops the judging schools and training programs?
    • Who actually writes, refines, and publishes the known sequences you so diligently practice?
    • Who provides all events with pre-tested unknown sequences for THAT competition?

It’s IMAC – International Miniature Aerobatic CLUB

Yes a CLUB…people like yourself all contributing to the sport with their time, resources, and passion.  If you are serious about flying scale aerobatics, IMAC membership is your way of giving back to the sport. 

Yes…you get benefits like discounts off entry fees at every event and the ability to compete with other pilots in your class across your IMAC region for annual bragging rights.  You get access to the full IMAC website including contest calendars, buy/sell classifies at no charge, and a full forum for sharing information with your fellow pilots

Without an international organization like IMAC, the sport of scale aerobatics as we know it may disappear!  All of the activities of the organization are focused on making the sport better whether through national judging schools, holding monthly phone conferences, working with the website, working with vendors that contribute to IMAC and these activities cost money.  As a not-for-profit organization, IMAC depends on it’s members.  Regardless if you are in the US/Canada or somewhere in the rest of the world, the sport needs you to be part of the CLUB.

Join with the rest of us and support scale aerobatics! 

If you fly even a few events throughout the year, you get your money back through event entry fee discounts but more importantly - you support the sport. It doesn’t get any better than that!

This membersip is for US / Canadian pilots.

Duration: 1 year
Price: $20.00

This membership is only for international pilots.

Duration: 1 year
Price: $20.00